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Points are updated as of 8-10-2015

Hello Junior Families,
We will be having an open Jr class at this year’s Governor’s Cup September 12th! It will be one class, bracket-style race and we will be paying out through semi’s.

Entry fee will be $75 and will include:
Tech Card and Racer Wristband
One Crew Wristband
Free Overnight Camping if you would like to come in on Friday evening
We are still waiting on a few sponsors/etc to set the final purse but here is what we are planning on paying out with a 16-car minimum field:
Winner $300
Runner Up $200
Semis $50
Joe Leal has already offered to sponsor #1 Qualifier and if anyone has any interest or knows a business that will sponsor best package, etc let me know!
Test & Tune is on Friday from 12 noon – 4 pm and will cost $50 extra. If anyone has any questions, email me back at sacraceway@gmail.com – I will be checking the rest of the day.

  WCF video on the photo/video tab.

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